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Furniture Refinishing, Repair, Touch Up Port Sebastian Florida

Furniture Refinishing Port Sebastian Florida

furniture-refinishing Do you need a simple touch up or a complete refinishing? AAA Mobile Restoration has the experience and know-how to give any piece of furniture a second life. With AAA, 90% of our work can be done right in your home or office. We restore and make your old or damaged furniture look brand new. Whether it is fire or flood damage, an antique restoration, a shabby chic piece or full furniture refinishing. We also specialize in touching up chipped tiles, scratched or damaged wood floors, wood kitchen cabinets, teak furniture, porcelain figurine repair, furniture touch up, and insurance inspections.

We utilize proven and up to date technology, products and processes. Our skilled technicians can restore and enhance your furniture’s natural beauty and strength while virtually erasing scuffs, gouges, water rings and dents. Even broken, water-damaged and fire-damaged furniture pieces can often be restored to a like-new or pre-loss condition. We have over 45 years of servicing our clients across the West Palm Beach, Kissimmee, Orlando, Wesley Chapel, Ft. Lauderdale, Vero Beach, Stuart, Tampa, Wesley Chapel, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Winter Haven, Brandon, Bartow, Windermere, Celebration and Lakeland.

Furniture Touch up Port Sebastian Florida

banner1Touching up the finish on your wood furniture can extensively perk up the look of the finish, without having to strip and refinish. At times, it is possible that a detailed clean, touch up and application of a new sealer coat will revitalize the color and sheen of the piece. As an alternative to furniture refinishing, AAA Mobile Furniture Restoration provides onsite furniture touch up work that will bring your furniture back to life and give that flawless finish as if were never damaged. Furniture touch up entails a real art of color matching, blending, sanding, fill-ins, and more. Whether you need a simple touch up or a complete refinishing, AAA Mobile Furniture Restoration has the experience and know-how to give any piece of furniture a second life!

Furniture Repair Port Sebastian Florida

Furniture-Restoration-Kissimmee-FloridaFurniture repair is a science and an art. With 45 years of experience, AAA Mobile Furniture Restoration understands how to cosmetically preserve your piece whilst making sure that it is functionally strong enough to serve its intended purpose. We at the AAA Mobile Furniture Restorations provide everything you need in furniture repair or furniture touch-up. We specializes on-site touch-ups, repairs and inspections. We guarantee to give you nothing but the best in furniture repair and restoration. We do 90% of work right in your own home!

With our quality service and great customer relations, we continue to sway in furniture repair and touch-ups. With the service, we provide pre-repair advice on the status of your furniture pieces, the extent of the damage and how much would the cost estimate be. You could also be given an assessment whether the piece can still be repaired or whether you want it altered and become another piece. Our goal is to repair, restore and give you satisfaction on the new look of your furniture. Give us a call or email at 1-863-655-6549 or aaa@mobilerestorations.com.

Antique Restoration Port Sebastian Florida

Furniture-Restoration-Winter-Haven-FloridaRestoration can be as easy as light cleaning to eliminate blemish dirt or filth, or it may take in almost complete rebuilding, or replacement of some pieces or parts of your furniture. The main purpose of “restoration” is to bring back the original look or functionality of a piece. There is a lot of dissimilarity between restoring and repairing. You may attain usefulness of the piece, yet restoring a piece properly is an art. If you have antique pieces and they have already worn out, it is normal. Just like any other items, furniture will inevitably grow old. Antiques are so valuable that, sometimes, they are left with their scars and worn out parts. This gives a diverse appeal, which makes it more valuable. Though, it is still admirable to have them restored in their original look- a more appealing look without compromising its value. Antique restoration should always be left to professionals who are sensitive to all of the issues- insuring that a piece retains or increases its value after restoration. At AAA Mobile Furniture Restoration, we take care to offer our customers with the maximum quality services tailored for their exclusive needs. We are within reach to assist you and are glad to take action to your email inquires after business hours. Our experts will turn your old furniture into brand new items, thus preserving your valuabl.

Furniture Restoration Port Sebastian Florida

banner4The uniqueness of the idea of furniture restoration is that defective furniture pieces need not undergo another stressful moving in order that they can be repaired by their manufacturers. More so, an added stress if the furniture shops closed for good. In terms of maintenance or repair, your furniture is almost an orphan. Refurbishing and fixing old furniture are for the rich and famous since it looks that it cost a lot than just going to a store and picking up the latest and in model. But, we should be knowledgeable on the things a mobile furniture restoration can do without spending too much and eco-friendly as well. Restoration of furniture helps conserve our mother nature. AAA Mobile Furniture Restoration is company who have advocacies to help make our planet a better place to live in by joining the go green movement, and we can be partakers in making a difference, by restoring our old broken furniture instead of throwing them away. Fixing our home furnishings be it electrically charged or the leg of a table can also save our environment! AAA Mobile Furniture Restoration experts are the right people who can do it for you! Give us a call for your FREE in-home consultation! Dial 1-863-655-6549 or Email us at aaa@mobilerestorations.com

Wood Repair Port Sebastian Florida

banner3Each furniture piece is distinctive in terms of beauty, style and looks, quality of materials and many other values an owner may attribute to them. Once they are broke or destroyed, you only have some few options. The costliest, of course, is replacing the piece (or pieces, if they are part of a set). For wooden piece one alternative that can give you the best benefit – cut down costs is wood repair. With it, restoring the wood work piece can equal, or may even exceed the quality of the original. AAA Mobile Furniture Restoration offers convenient, effective and complete recovery wood repair and custom woodworking services for your broken furniture. Our experts have the skill to repair damaged or fabricate missing wood parts. AAA Mobile Furniture Restoration has been in the industry for 45 years specializing in on-site touch ups, restorations, repair and inspections. Get in Touch now! Contact us at 1-863-655-6549 or Email us at aaa@mobilerestorations.com and we will respond within 24 hours!

Wood Floor Repair Port Sebastian Florida

table-597177_1280Wood floors are beautiful and sturdy, so it’s no wonder that many homeowners want it for their home. However, even wood floors are susceptible to time, damage, and wearing. Eventually, wood floors can give way to the strain of day by day wear and tear. If your wood floors have been destroyed by something or have just become progressively more dull and worn out over the years, or if you have noticeable blemishes and spots in your floor or you keep on hearing squeaks while you walk over it, don’t worry, don’t despair about spending money on a new floor; many wood floor repairs can be managed very simply though skilled assistance. Some of the most common problems with this type of flooring are gaps, warping and buckling. AAA Mobile Furniture Restoration here to help homeowners repair or install wood flooring using our 45 years’ experience touch- up repair, restoration. If you want to restore your wood flooring or replace it, you can trust in our team’s guaranteed workmanship. Our team has a whole armoury of tools and techniques to get your floors into top shape. Whether your floors are stained, scratched, or in need of serious work, we’re up for the challenge! We understand that hardwoods are an investment and we want to help preserve them with you. Call us for our free, high quality wood floor repairs advice. We assure that our service is worth every penny spent!