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Saving Your Furniture and Your Money


For some people, keeping an antique piece of furniture is not just a hobby but more of devotion. But keeping a piece or pieces of antique furniture that had been defaced or not functional or defective in one’s attic is not healthy. The most common line of an owner’s thinking would be that the piece shall be restored in time.

Stored in places where one don’t see these beloved furniture pieces will definitely induce forgetfulness. (The cliché is “Out of sight, out of mind”.) The next time you’ll see them is when you want to move, maybe or not at all because the owner dies.

Mobile furniture Restorers

In the past, furniture sets that needed to be repaired, refurbished had to be physically transported to the original manufacturers. The reasons are numerous: only the original manufacturers know how to restore them, only the original makers knew exactly how the .

These days, businesses have become competitively dynamic. Companies like AAA Mobile Furniture Restorations are spearheading the smart concept of going into the owner’s homes and do the actual work there right under the nose of the owner.

In home furniture repair

The novelty of the idea is that defective furniture pieces need not undergo another stressful transport in order that they can be repaired by their manufacturers. The added problem is that there are many cases where furniture shops closed for good. In terms of maintenance or repair, your furniture is virtually an orphan.

With professional restorers like AAA Mobile Furniture Restorations, for instance, they bank on their decades of working experience to be able to handle the restoration work. There are plenty of advantages in having these restorations done at the owner’s home.



With their professional assessment, the owner would have an immediate idea on how the work will proceed, the costs it will entail should they proceed, etc. The owner will be given options on the repair work, on costs, and on choices in decisions (shall it proceed or re-invent it into another piece considering the damages, etc.)

The other good point would be discussions on the projected repair, the time frame, budgetary constraints, and other nitty-gritty aspects. Another advantage is that if the project proceeds as planned, the owner will have a ringside seat on how the work is done. These professionals also dispense loads of advice on furniture care and maintenance which the owner can use later.

These days, it is not just plain household owners that hire these professionals. Big offices, hotels, motels and other businesses that use furniture are now frequent customers. Hotel managers are extra glad they need not buy whole furniture sets but simply have the defective pieces restored and nobody would see the difference.

Other repairs

These professionals do not just handle wood and wooden products. They are just as good in ding major jobs on leather pieces and can do excellent work on minor nicks and scratches, stains and others.

They can rebuff and polish wood into their natural look, putting back chair legs like it was its original part and other repair jobs.

AAA Mobile Furniture Restorations can repair or refinish your furniture onsite or in their shop and give free estimates!

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