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Furniture Repairs and Restorations


Furniture is one of your substantial investments, much higher in costs than some of your major appliances. Yet it is one of the least maintained household properties. You get to assess them once they are worn out, torn, broken, cracked, chipped and many others which defeats the purpose in initially acquiring them.

This is the time when you thought you could throw them out, store them in the attic for later repairs, or get a similar-looking piece to replace the broken one. In terms of economics and aesthetics, you cannot replace a piece into a set even if they look alike.

The replacement will stand out like a sore thumb. Storing the broken one in the attic will relegate it to oblivion, if you remember it at all. When you want to send them over to its manufacturer, you found out the company closed shop years ago.

Mobile furniture restorers

The AAA Mobile Furniture Restorations is a self-contained team from their company sent out to restore, repair, reupholster, and do all kinds of restoration work on your broken furniture piece.
Their smart idea is to repair your furniture piece (or pieces) right in the confines of your home with all the advantages and minimal or no disadvantage at all.

The biggest advantage is taking away from you the hassle of transporting disabled pieces of furniture to a manufacturer, who more often than not, have closed shop. The second advantage is your man-to-man guidance on what you want to do with your furniture pieces.


There might be some built-in problems which both you and your repair team can discuss and solve and maybe compromise and having your permission. You will get what you want as the repair team work it out for you, and avoid giving you the shock of getting your furniture that you sent out to be repaired that looks like a property of an extra-terrestrial.

Actually, the main problem there is coordination, which could be impossible if your restoring company has their factory tens of miles away and you have no idea how it turned out until it is finished and delivered to your home.

Supervision / maintenance advice

The way it is done by the AAA Furniture restoration team is analyzing the work that needs to be done, possible problems, and their ideas on how to do it. The most important aspect is that from analysis, the discovery of some problems and their suggested solutions is the fact that you are with them all the way, a de facto supervisor on your own project.

Your ideas are incorporated into their suggestions, and you are given the privilege as the owner to state in clear terms on how you want the project finished. (A hopeless chair might become a stylish foot stool, for instance, after looking at all angles where the wood materials is still good but unusable for any other piece.)

When things are finished and are all ready for use, your restorers give out their maintenance tips and guidelines on the restored pieces. How cool is that?

Find out how AAA Mobile Furniture Restorations can restore or repair any of your furniture onsite or in their shop!

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